Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Contests Announced

A couple of contests were announced on podcasts recently. On the Chris Pirillo Show, George Decarlo of Dotster announced an SEO contest for students. The short of it is, if you are a student you want to rate highly for the expression "Astromusicologie 101" on Google, Yahoo, etc. on September 1st 2006, for the chance to win some cash. Really you should read the rules.

The other (and to me more entertaining contest) has already ended unfortunately. Slate announced a contest to come up with the best euphemism for calling someone stupid. "Best" in this case is determined by how well Barbara Wallraff, of the Atlantic, "like[s] it." As I say, this contest has already ended and they should be announcing the winner soon. I got the impression though that they will be announcing more contests like this as time goes on, which I will blog about if (or when) this happens.

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