Thursday, April 17, 2008

Technical questions I would like to have answers for

Question 1

There's this great little greasemonkey script that lets me easily add LATEX to blog posts in blogger. Unfortunately it does it by replacing the latex script in the post with an externally hosted image, which could theoretically get changed under me. I can solve this by downloading the image, then use the blogger "image attach tool" to host the image on blogger, but this is tedious. Can I automate this in javascript? ie Is there a javascript function that initiates a download to the user's computer and returns the path where the file has been downloaded to?

Question 2

How possible would it be to have a javascript jabber client that had the jabber server built into it? Obviously you couldn't expect it to have any open ports so it couldn't receive conversations started by another jabber server. But if it were to initiate the conversation would the remaining server to server transaction occur over the open connection? I'm just trying to think of a way to have a javascript widget that would be just a chat window (no contact list) that would just chat to my gtalk account. Kind of like a red phone.

Thanks to everyone who read this with the hopes of being able to help.

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